Sunshine Award…

I got nominated for my first award “The Sunshine Award”!!! Super excited!! I would like to thank Deepa from  for nominating me for this award! EEEP…… Thank you soo much Deepa. Getting nominated for an award for my blog which is only a month old is a great achievement and am glad that people are liking it!  Thanks Everybody!Image

Here are the rules for this award-
1) Display the award on your blog.
2) Show your gratitude and link back to the person who nominates you with the award.
3) Nominate 10 of your favorite deserving bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.
4) Link the nominees in your post and let them know they have been awarded.
5) Write 10 interesting things about yourself.

And here is the list of the amazing blogger’s who equally deserve this award-

10 intresting things about me-

  1. I am an extremely house proud and good housekeeping is central to most of my regular activities which include cooking, interior decoration, gardening, furnishing, artefact collection, painting, music photography etc. Not only doing this but doing them tastefully and aesthetically well is what would sum this aspect of my personality
  2. For me food can only be a gourmet’s delight when it satiates the visual senses, the olfactory senses and the taste buds together. Therefore for me is an art by which a taster goes through an euphoric experience wherein he savours your cooking and experiences the complete thought process, the passion and the feeling which has gone into preparing it while cooking
  3. While cooking am never bothered with the calorific content of my preparations. What is important to me is the lingering sensation of the tingling taste buds, the aroma, the presentation and the background in which the taster partakes of the preparation.
  4. Though my diurnal activities follows a very hectic schedule but very seldom does anything ever takes predominance over my cooking. I am a late entrant into the blogging world but cooking coupled with blogging is what completes my day
  5. I am very conservative and traditional in all my cooking recipes in the sense that I am for heightening of specific delectable experiences in continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines but never experiment with fusion and intermixing of cuisines.
  6. I have had the privilege of inheriting a huge number of recipes largely Indian from both my maternal and paternal genealogy and my in laws side which are unmetered in their core gourmet parameters and I have to reproduce the same century old recipes in their same old spirit and tradition
  7. My choice of daily cuisines are invariably dictated by my two daughters Mrinalini and Nyonika, who are in their teens and are gradually developing very refined taste buds and are able to discern the various flavours, aroma and the accompliments when they are not in place
  8. I am greatly drawn to recipes which involve baking, usage of various cheeses, chocolate, fresh fruits etc.
  9. I am fond of travelling and tasting outdoor food- particularly the variants of the same dish in different kitchens and discussing with the chef the origin of the recipe and the genesis the various variants
  10. King Farooq’s ageless saying “I do not eat to live, but I live to eat”. More than sums me up

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Award…

  1. Nice to read these interesting stuff about you 🙂 Look forward to reading more from you. Also one more thing, my blog did not get activated as a hyperlink, so I got to know that you have posted the award when I browsed to your blog as a part of my normal internet reading 🙂


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