Happy New Year!


Happy new year everyone!!! Wow its been 3 months again since I last visited my site, a lot has happened and a lot is still going on but I had to open my site today and say hi to all my friends in the blog world and yes I somehow felt that this is what is going to make me happy and for the time that I am sitting and posting stuff on my blog I will be able to forget a few of the horrors and stress that I am going through, but by God’s grace my girls are doing very well and they are healthy. And yes please don’t jump to conclusions I am very much married and happily but as we all know there are many more horrors in life and heartaches.

Well I dragged my self out of bed today and decided that I needed some serious sweet in my life to wash away all my anxieties the only thing that would do was a whole bar of chocolate wolfed down in seconds. Everyone has their own cures and I for one feels that chocolate is really good at solving problems, a bout of blue, an argument and yes it is definitely a reward so as I was roaming around my house just thinking of all this I realised I need something gooey,dark and dense for a cold evening and the answer was these delicious brownies. I don’t know why people don’t make brownies anymore they are much quicker to make than a cake and absolutely delicious. I have already made them and posted them earlier so I am not writing the recipe again but trust me they turned out much better than the last time. All I wanted to do today was wish everybody say hi to all of you and I really really hope I do my blog religiously now.



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