Fruit Sundae with Strawberry Coulis


Everyone who knows me knows how much I love ice cream. I have been craving for ice cream for a few days now, usually in summers I have ice cream at least three to four times a week. When I had not had my kids I would eat ice cream every single day I would eat less and all healthy food throughout the day and in the night I would go for a drive and eat ice cream. My husband also loves ice cream his favourite is fresh strawberry ice cream and well I am a fan of cookie and cream yum ! yum! yum! As all of us know we have to be moderate with everything once we have kids, my ice cream eating habits have changed drastically, my girls also love to eat ice cream but well the girls don’t want to eat anything much these days as looks and having a great figure are the priorities right now 🙂 so I decided that I should have some ice cream today as I am craving for some and I don’t need to wait for my kids to ask for some and then have it with them, I could just go ahead and eat it whenever I want to eat it, so I just went to the kitchen opened a pack of fresh strawberries made some delicious strawberry coulis sliced my peaches and sliced my strawberries opened my tub of ice cream and made myself this yummy sundae.

I feel strawberry coulis is such a useful sauce, you could pour it on cakes and ice creams, yoghurt or fromage frais. It is so incredibly easy to make and I always have some in my fridge (in an airtight jar) it easily lasts for a week. I did make two sundaes one for myself and one for my husband but well before he could even think of having one I had polished of both of them…. oops!!! I know but then its ice cream 🙂

And yes I feel strawberries and peaches go best with vanilla ice cream ummm…. I actually also love fresh mangoes in my vanilla ice cream well I guess I like a lot of stuff 🙂



For strawberry coulis

200g fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced

3 tsp caster sugar or per your taste

juice of 1/2 a lemon

For each sundae

6 slices tinned peaches

3 – 4 strawberries, sliced

2 – 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

To make the strawberry coulis just place everything in your food processor and whiz it for a minute or two it should be smooth. Taste and see if you need to add more sugar or lemon juice – the blander the strawberries, the more help they’ll need. Now push your puree through a fine sieve and discard any pulp. Pour the coulis in an airtight jar and keep it in the fridge for future use if not using right away.

To make each sundae, place half the peaches in the bottom of your bowl or sundae glass now place the sliced strawberries on top of it, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle the strawberry coulis over it, then add more peaches and sliced strawberries followed by another scoop of ice cream, and drizzle more coulis.



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